Rowdy Chowgirl About

Hi, I’m the Rowdy Chowgirl.  I love to talk, think, read, and write about food, and oh, how I love to eat!  I grow my own vegetables, and strive to cook food that is sustainable, nourishing, and delicious.  I also relish eating out, and Seattle provides plenty of delicious scope for that hobby.

I’m interested in agriculture, food production, food politics, and have a passion for feeding the hungry.

And I love cheese.  I mean I really, really love cheese.  I want to marry it.

On any given day, I might mull over the small questions: “Why did I let myself plant yellow tomatoes again?  I can never tell when they’re ripe”, the medium ones: “Where can I find bacon that is both ethically raised and delicious?” or the biggies: “How is it possible that obesity and starvation are simultaneously problems on the same planet?”

If you’re a food lover, come along for the ride!

If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me–in comments, or via twitterfacebook or Google+ .

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