What I Really Want for Christmas

Cats love Christmas too

I love the holidays.  But this can be an absolutely frantic time of year.  I was already mulling over my holiday priorities, somewhere in the back of my head, when I read a blog post by Tara at Tea & Cookies entitled What Do You Want From Christmas?  That post brought together exactly what I’d been vaguely ruminating on, and I decided to create my own list of what I want from Christmas this year, with thanks to Tara for the nudge in the right direction.

    • I want to decorate enough to feel festive and Christmasy, but not so much that I’m grumpy about having this endless task on my to-do list.  For me, that means a wreath, a Christmas tree, stockings, and a few mantle decorations.  Beautiful and sparkly.
    • I want to go to a few parties, but not too many.  I’ve learned over the years that the Christmas parties I enjoy most are the small, casual ones—filled with people I like, good food, drink, and laughter.  If I have to buy a new dress for the party, that’s a clue that I’m not going to enjoy it.  So I’m skipping the big parties—they just aren’t fun for me.
    • I want to give special presents to the special people in my life—gifts that they will rip the paper off, then gasp in delight.  I want to give gifts that say, “I love you and I thought about what you would really appreciate.”  But I don’t want to go to the mall.
    • I want to cook, but not spend all my free time cooking.  There may be some appetizers from Trader Joe’s appearing at my house over the holidays, while I concentrate on an unforgettable Cassoulet for Christmas dinner.  And maybe these Chocolate-dipped Green Tea Shortbread Cookies
    • I want really creamy milk chocolate, and lots of spectacular cheese, and White Russians mixed with a liberal hand.
  • Most of all, I want time.  Time to read in front of a crackling fire, to go on a walk and pick up smooth stones that feel good in my hand, to putter around aimlessly without an eye on the clock, to cuddle, and to daydream.

Christmas decorations

It occurs to me that the common thread running through many of my Christmas wishes is sufficiency—just enough of everything to be wonderful, but not so much as to become burdensome.  And enough is one of the secrets to happiness at any time of year.

What about you?  What do you want from the holidays this year? 


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15 thoughts on “What I Really Want for Christmas

  1. Monet

    Although the holidays are officially over now, I still love this list and will save it for next year. I think your reflections on what you want for the holidays were spot on! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you have a beautiful beginning to 2013. Full of lots of love, good food, and peace!

  2. Natalie

    I want to be invited to all those parties that you RSVP to in the negative. No seriously, I want a year of happiness, love and family with a few good books and perhaps a trip to the US thrown in.

  3. Edible Books

    Is that your fireplace? Its beautiful. I love those faceless Willow Tree statues, I have three on my fireplace at home.

  4. savuryandsweet

    i want to sit and stare at my christmas tree. watch my nieces and nephews delight in the holiday. and i want to share good food and moments with family and friends. here’s hoping we get exactly what we want for christmas!!

  5. Amber Stott

    I completely agree!! Last year, we purged our decorations significantly. When decorating becomes a chore it ruins the spirit. I love the idea of the simple parties, reading, going for walks… and having space for more joy. Great post!

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      Thanks, Amber! I always think the week between Christmas and New Years is a time to clear out excess belongings and get ready for the next year. Maybe I’ll do a little purging of the decorations bins this year…

  6. Hannah

    Love this thoughtful post, Christina – finding balance this time of year (and all year round) is so important. I’m looking forward to time with my family, time to relax and savor a quite moment, play games, read, laugh or do nothing at all. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Merry Christmas!


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