Edible Books

Edible Books

Edible BooksFall seems like the true beginning of the year in a lot of ways.  Kids go back to school, and adults leave behind the vacation mind-set of summer.  As the days get cooler and shorter I start cooking in earnest again, feel a new zest for projects, look forward to reengaging with friends, and find myself enjoying more evenings curled up on the couch with a good book and a purring cat.

This past week or so, I’ve been immersed in an exciting new project that combines a few of my core interests—food, literature, and book clubs.

Now I’m absolutely thrilled to share it, and I hope all of you are just as excited as I am.

In collaboration with my friend and fellow blogger Natalie, we are launching Edible Books, a twitter-based book club where we will be discussing books that have a food theme running through them.  This could include anything from fiction to memoir to how-to—there are so many great books to choose from!

We’ll be discussing a new book each month.  We’re kicking off with Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, by Jennifer Reese, in which the author shares her journey through a series of kitchen-experiments including homemade peanut butter, bread, junk foods, and more ambitious projects such as cured meats and cheese.  She then offers her assessment of each experiment: make or buy?

This book is already generating a lot of conversation (see here and here just for starters).  I just started reading, and I already have several projects in mind that I want to try—and will no doubt be sharing the results with all of you here.  Homemade cream cheese?  Yes, please!

The internet makes it so easy to forge connections with people who share interests, regardless of geography.  And time zones or schedule conflicts don’t matter on Twitter.  You can contribute 24/7, whenever you have a spare moment.  Different cultures, perspectives—we’re hopeful that Edible Books will become a rich, diverse, global party with members who share our love for food, literature, and lively conversation.

Of course, the most important ingredient in a successful book club is the members.  We can’t get this party started without all of you.

So this is your call to action: I’m asking you to join the conversation.

Follow @ediblebookclub on Twitter.

Go to the Edible Books website to find out how the club works, check the discussion schedule, vote on November’s book, and more.

And of course, invite your friends!  Tweet them, Facebook about it, maybe even call them up.

Thank you!  I’m looking forward to some great book discussions!


10 thoughts on “Edible Books

  1. peters154

    Thanks for linking to my blog post! We just made some bagels from a recipe in that book this weekend, planning on doing a post about it as soon as I can. I’ll check out the new Ediblebooks site too!

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      You’re welcome! And I can’t wait to read about your bagel-making experiences. Now that I’m reading Make the Bread, Buy the Butter I’m very tempted by the bagel recipe. Hope you do drop by Edible Books and put in your two cents about the book (and the bagels).


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