BlogHer Food 2012

I spent the weekend at BlogHer Food, a food blogger’s conference that was held–conveniently for me–in Seattle this year.  It was a good time.  That almost goes without saying, doesn’t it?  When a large group of (mostly) women get together who share a mutual passion for anything, there is going to be energy, enthusiasm, and ideas whizzing around like popcorn.  But make that a group of food lovers, gathered to learn and share and eat, and the excitement overflows like champagne.

One quirk that may be unique to food blogger’s conferences is the freedom with which we all whip out our cameras as soon as we see artfully arranged food.  First there is a sort of a collective “ooh” sound, then a lot of frantic jockeying for good camera angles, then finally we all start eating.

The food was certainly abundant at this event, with some particularly clever tidbits including carbonated cherry tomatoes, spoonfuls of strawberry sorbet coated in frozen chocolate, and my personal favorite—salmon glazed with honey from the hotel’s own bee hive, smoked right in front of us, and served on a “toothpick” that was actually a tiny syringe filled with lemony sauce.  I went back again and again, to pop a chunk of salmon in my mouth while squirting the sauce along with it.

In addition to many excellent sessions, there was plenty of time to mingle and meet fellow bloggers from far and wide.  I particularly enjoyed connecting with talented local food bloggers such as Elizabeth, Hannah, Rose, Venessa, and Adina.  There is something so cozy about knowing that they are right here with me in Seattle, also writing about food.

I came away with my brain full of new information and inspiration that will take a while to sort through.  But the most important takeaway, the one that is utterly simple and clear, is nothing new.  It is the importance of community–of getting together in person and sharing our food and our stories.

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5 thoughts on “BlogHer Food 2012

  1. winnie

    I enjoyed reading your post. I am a new blogger and am going to Blogher ’12 and your post made me excited.I am a bit nervous about attending a conference, but it sure looks like fun to with with such a fun group. I am a craft blogger and may try and go to the food conference one day. Your pictures are fabulous!

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      Thanks, Winnie! Honestly, I’m nervous before conferences too. I just know from experience to ignore that and go for it. Have a great time at BlogHer!


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