One From The Vault: Cranberry Relish

Fifty-nine.  Fifty-nine Thanksgiving food baskets went out to needy families on Saturday morning.  That was the official count as we wrapped up around 10:30 on a frosty, clear morning and I went home to scald myself in a hot shower until I was back from the brink of hypothermia and ready to collapse for a few hours, which of course was not to be, because it’s the holiday season and there are always more things that need doing than time to do them.

It’s the season to celebrate abundance, and as we’ve been planning our Thanksgiving Day menu, the shopping list has grown long.  I considered trying a new cranberry sauce recipe—something sensational that would really knock everyone’s socks off–yours included, dear readers.  But the truth is, I think I’ve already hit the zenith of cranberriosity with my Sissy’s Cranberry Relish recipe.

So rather than reinventing the wheel, I will be making this savory cranberry sauce again this year, and I think it’s also worth sharing the recipe again.  Because really, it’s perfect.  And if this cranberry relish doesn’t knock your socks off, someone had better check your pulse.

You can find the recipe for Cranberry Relish here.

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8 thoughts on “One From The Vault: Cranberry Relish

  1. Monet

    Happy Thanksgiving. There is no better time of year to give back to those who are hurting or in need in our communities. This looks delicious, as always, and your words make me smile, yet again. I hope you have a blessed week and a wonderful season of joy and food and fun.

  2. Natalie

    I have just got a tray of cranberries which I am freezing to save for cranberry sauce for Christmas. I am told that the cranberry season is very short in the UK which is why it is best to buy now and save them for the festive season. Have an amazing Thanksgiving.

  3. awakeatthewhisk

    59 Thanksgiving baskets?! Yowza! You definitely deserve a break from re-inventing the cranberry sauce wheel! :) I have whittled our Thanksgiving meal down to three things: turkey, potatoes, and one side (veggie changes depending on what’s in the garden). Oh, and dessert–maybe pie this year. Everything actually fits in the fridge later. :)

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      I really like the sound of your whittled-down Thanksgiving meal! Although I’d have a hard time choosing between potatoes and stuffing…


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