Pork and Perplexity

Season 19 of  The Amazing Race started a few weeks ago, and with it our biweekly dinner and viewing parties resumed.  Frankly, it promises to be a perplexing season when it comes to choosing teams to bet on.  Ethan & Jenna, both former Survivor winners and thus strong contenders, have already been eliminated, while Bill & Cathi, the obvious weak link, were still in after episode two.  Go figure.

At least we can bet on some good food.  We already have an unusually high proportion of foodies, and one wine maven.  And now Robyn and Gerald have joined the group this season.  As everyone was gathering belongings and preparing to leave last time, Gerald asked this question, “Everyone here okay with wild game?”

Should be a great season!

This Sunday’s episode continued the trend of being an emotional rollercoaster from which, inexplicably, Bill & Cathi have still not been ejected.  But fortunately we had some good old-fashioned comfort food with which to soothe ourselves.

Robyn and Gerald brought a heaping dish of slow-roasted pulled pork.  Smoky, succulent heaven.  There were also warm tortillas, chips, and a variety of condiments including freshly made salsa, habanero pickled asparagus, and a cilantro pesto.  We munched steadily through this bill of fare.  Then we finished off with Lindsey’s delicate, airy cupcakes, smothered in salty caramel frosting, and accompanied by dessert wine.

I don’t have any recipes for you today, just this advice: gather up any friends you may have that can cook like this, and invite them over.  The catch?  It’s their turn to cook!

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3 thoughts on “Pork and Perplexity

  1. Monet

    Smile. It is great to have such talented friends! I love this post! The pork looks so good. I’m a bit jealous! Thanks for sharing, sweet girl!


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