Mobile Food Rodeo

On Saturday afternoon Michael and I went to the Seattle Mobile Food Rodeo.  Over twenty food trucks, all in one place?  What could be better?

Well, as it turns out…the event was not perfect.  The line to get in was blocks and blocks long.  Once inside, the venue was a bleak fenced-off parking lot with about 12 bales of hay for a couple of thousand people to sit on, lines of up to an hour for the more popular trucks, and—I know the event organizers can’t help the fickle Seattle weather, but—the freezing cold wind did an excellent job of driving food truck smoke, dust, and hay shards into my eyeballs.  Oh, and the trucks started running out of their most popular items mid-afternoon.  Skillet just closed up and drove off a few hours into the event.

In spite of these drawbacks, it was actually a good time.  As noted, the lines were long, but it was a patient, good-humored crowd.  Once we finally got inside, we did a quick survey.  Lots of Seattle favorites were there, like El Camion and Molly Moon.

We took the divide and conquer approach, checking in via text from our respective lines.   Michael started with a pulled pork sandwich from Maximus Minimus, while I went for a slice of pizza.

I looked longingly at Where Ya At Matt, the Creole food truck with a line stretching into infinity, before getting distracted by someone carrying a plate from Bigfood.  We had their Sampler, a combo plate with four pieces of flatbread topped with chicken, pork, beef and paneer.  While I was in line for Bigfood, Michael arrived with four lumpia from Lumpia World.  Bigfood was my favorite truck of the day, and well worth standing in line for.

We made a final attempt to get through the formidable Where Ya At Matt line for some beignets, but a combination of full bellies, sunburn, and incipient hypothermia finally won out.

Perhaps the best part of the Mobile Food Rodeo was that now I have a few new food trucks on my list to seek out in their natural settings around Seattle.

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14 thoughts on “Mobile Food Rodeo

  1. Pam

    Hi Rowdy! This is a question about a previous (well-loved!) post! When you made the Hachis Parmentier (WOW!!), what kind of sausage did you use? Thanks You!

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      Well, to be honest, I’ve used whatever happened to be in my freezer at the time! I get a very mild, sweet Italian pork sausage from my meat vendor at the farmer’s market, or I’ve taken their link Italian sausage out of the casings and used that. As long as you use a sausage that isn’t too spicy, I don’t think you can really go wrong. Hope that helps!

      1. Pam

        Thank You! I always appreciate your replies. I’ve got a chuck roast waiting to be used, and I’m going to give this a go!

  2. NicolleMK

    I heard about this and wished I were in the Seattle area. It’s a shame it didn’t live up to expectations and I’m surprised they didn’t prepare for the crowds.
    I love your blog, food is one of my favorite topics!

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      Thanks, Nicolle! The Rodeo really wasn’t terrible, but I’ll bet it’s going to be a lot better next year if they do it again.

  3. Monet

    I have such a hard time with big crowds. I probably would have given up! It looks like your persistence/patience paid off. So many yummy eats! Thank you for making me smile. I love visiting your blog before I head to work. It is a great start to my long day. Much love and many blessings from Austin!

  4. Andy Karuza

    Thanks for sharing this Rowdy Chowgirl!

    Just want to thank everybody for coming out to the Mobile Food Rodeo on Saturday. We love hearing your feedback about the event and will be gladly using some of the ideas to make next year even better. If you have any questions regarding the event you can reach us at

    We very truly hope to see you next year

  5. Gerald

    I was wondering what the crowds would be like, given that Groupon sold 2500 tickets to the event. Bummer about the lines, and the weather, but yay for pulled pork!

  6. Cristina - TeenieCakes

    Skillet left…boo! That’s worth the trip, long lines and chilly wind just for a skillet bacon jam slider! I’m envious you have such fantastic events like that. SD could learn a thing or two (or more) from Seattle. :)

  7. Victoria

    Wow, I would have come unglued. You are far more patient than I. That’s really too bad the event was planned so poorly, especially when you are always so close to such great food. Yes, seeking them out on my own time sounds like the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions. I will begin searching for the locations of the trucks. I bet there’s an app for that!


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