Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

What makes a good vacation breakfast?  For me, the requirements are simple.  It should be immediately accessible and not too exotic.

I’ve had some kick-ass Full English breakfasts, and I’ll never forget the joy of walking into the cool, clean, glorious hotel breakfast buffet in Southern Spain after inadvertently spending the whole night getting there from Morocco… and room service is fun in moderation.  But really–just quick, filling, and familiar.  That’s all  I ask.  I’ll be an adventurous eater later in the day.

Our first night in Puerto Vallarta, as we strolled back to our hotel, we happened across a supermarket and decided to stop in and stock up on bottled water.  It must have been after ten o’clock, but the bakery department was hopping.  Lines of customers picked up round trays and a pair of tongs, then filled their trays.  Nothing was wrapped in plastic or covered.  Bakers continuously rolled out fresh carts of small, hot French loaves, and customers flocked around them.

We decided to pick up some items for our breakfast, so Michael got a tray and tongs, and we wandered the aisles of donuts, bread, muffins, and pastries.  We  joined the line at the counter, where our selections were bagged and tagged for us, then headed up front to the checkout lines.  A couple of muffins, a small loaf of bread, and two pastries cost about $4.00, in my rough mental conversion from pesos.

The next morning I made coffee and we took our bag of goodies out onto the balcony for a leisurely breakfast.  Birds wheeled overhead, dark against the pure blue sky, and we gazed out toward the ocean as we sipped and nibbled.  We laid our plans for the day, and talked about where we should go for lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Victoria

    Wow, that sounds rough. Real rough. Did you find out why the bakery is hopping at night and not first thing in the morning? I’m curious.

    1. The Rowdy Chowgirl Post author

      I wondered about that too, because bakeries here are definitely a morning thing. My guess was that everyone was doing what we did–buying breakfast the night before. On the other hand, it could have been much busier first thing in the morning, but I was never there to find out!


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